Changes In The Companies That Make Micro Modular Data Centers


There are many new companies that are going into the business of making micro modular data centers. In fact, some companies that haven’t even manufactured electronics before are beginning to get involved with the production of micro modular data centers. For instance, a company that was formerly a search engine optimization company based out of Gilbert, Arizona is now starting to produce micro modular data centers. They recently acquired a company that used to produce them for many well known organizations, and they acquired their assets. Not only that, but they plan to improve upon the micro modular data centers that they produced.

Additionally, many companies in the field of micro modular data centers are changing hands and undergoing major changes in corporate structure. While this is the case in many industries, this is likely even more true in the micro modular data center industry. This is because the technology is relatively new, and as a result the new companies in the industry are just starting to get themselves established.

Elliptical Mobile Solutions Is Changing Hands:

One of the biggest producers of micro modular data centers is now changing hands. Elliptical Mobile Solutions has been a long time producer of rack unit micro modular data centers, and these data centers had cooling systems, along with other features to facilitate smooth operation. They also produced micro modular data centers for many well known organizations, such as NASA and NATO. In addition to producing micro modular data centers for the public sector, they also had many clients in the private sector, such as AOL. Back in 2012, the company built micro modular data centers for the search engine, and AOL has had excellent results with them.

Managed Admin of Gilbert, Arizona has now acquired the company, and this company has no previous experience with manufacturing computers or micro modular data centers. Instead, they assisted website owners with search engine optimization. However, they have acquired all of the assets of Elliptical Mobile Solutions, and they plan to manufacture their own micro modular data centers. They will turn the company into a new business, called Instant Data Centers.

However, there will not be a change in employees. Instead, the same employees will continue to work with the new company they are creating. Additionally, they will not even have to move. Elliptical Mobile Solutions was also based out of Gilbert, Arizona.
While Elliptical Mobile Solutions created very efficient data centers, the power expenses incurred by them could have been lowered. This is because their entire data centers were cooled. However, the new company plans to use cooling systems to lower the temperature of the components that require cool temperatures. It is possible that the increased affordability of running the new devices will lead to more business for the company!

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