The Use Of Micro Modular Data Centers By Major Corporations


Micro modular data centers are used by major search engines, including Google and Aol. These data centers not only have to store vast amounts of information, but they also have to perform additional functions for the operation of the search feature.

There also are many companies that use rack micro-modular data centers. They are significantly smaller and contained in a casing that fits inside of a room. In many cases, these micro modular data centers have wheels attached to them. This makes it possible for those at the company to move them around the headquarters. Due to their smaller size, they can also can be more easily transported across longer distances.

Some companies have built their own micro modular data centers. For instance, Google not only built but also designed their micro modular data centers. They even have a patent on their own design. The micro modular data centers they use are sizable, but they are contained in shipping containers to make them easily transportable. Google also designed a system so that the data contained on these devices can be broadcast to employees using cloud technology.

However, another major search engine, AOL, hired a separate company to create their micro modular data centers. Elliptical Mobile Solutions, a manufacturer of micro modular data centers, was hired by AOL to build them in 2012. Their data centers were built using state of the art technology to ensure smooth operation. Elliptical Mobile Solutions is a recognized modular data center manufacturer known due to its cooperation with notable customers, including such organizations as NASA and NATO.

Many companies that are in other areas of the electronics industry also use micro modular data centers. IBM and HP are two examples of companies that use them. These micro modular data centers are also contained in shipping containers, and they are sometimes transported between different branches of the company.

However, there are many other sectors that make use of these technologies. Many companies in the electric power industry use micro modular data centers. Their micro modular data centers store information regarding the operation of the power network, and they also often store other necessary information, such as payroll data. Companies in the finance industry also often require a large amount of data storage, and this information is often of a sensitive nature. These industries make use of micro modular data centers both for the large data storage space and also the security of the data contained within.